Pricewise thinks everybody deserves the best deal

At Pricewise we think everybody deserves the best deal for energy, insurances and telecom. We want to wake you up so we can challenge the market together. Be wise, check your price.

How it all began...

The idea for a comparison engine was born when Dutch founders and managing directors Hans de Kok and Niels Brölman met in South Africa. Two young entrepreneurs with a clear mission to empower consumers everywhere by giving them easy online tools to compare and switch their energy, insurance and telecom contracts. Not long after, went live in 2008.
Everything we do, we do for our customers
That's not just what we say, but also what we do. We believe in being fair. We are fair to each other and to our customers. We are transparent about how we make our money. Suppliers have no direct or indirect stake in Pricewise. To us it doesn’t matter if you choose supplier A or supplier B. We receive the same fee from all suppliers.
2,5 million switchers in Europe
With the subsequent introduction of collective energy campaigns we established a pan-European company in 2010. Since then we have teamed up with partners such as governments, media companies, national consumer and non-profit organisations, causing major breakthroughs in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The result: strongly increased levels of transparency, efficiency and competition. And over 2,5 million switches.

Get to know our team

Want to find out more about the people behind Pricewise? Go behind the scenes and get to know who we are.

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