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How it works

Comparing energy at Pricewise is very simple. Based on your personal situation we find the best deals for you, which are generally not on offer at the supplier directly. This way you save, on average, €250.- through Pricewise.

Why compare energy?

If you have been a customer at the same supplier for years, then you’re most likely overpaying several hundreds of euros. Those that switch can count on lower tariffs and one-time discounts. Want to know how much you can save? Fill in your information and see which deals are the best based on your usage and preferences.

How does switching work?

Did you compare energy and are you ready to switch? After having submitted a switch request we will see to a smooth transition. After receiving confirmation from your new supplier you will have a 14-day cooling off period in which you can cancel the contract. After this period the new supplier will end your contract at the previous supplier and you’ll officially have switched.

100% impartial energy price comparison

The energy prices on our website are always up to date and established 100% impartially. Suppliers have no direct or indirect stake in Pricewise. To us it doesn’t matter if you choose supplier A or supplier B. We receive the same fee from all suppliers.

Comparing energy: What should you pay attention to?

At Pricewise we present all contracts in a clear overview, sorted by total costs per year. Our advice is to look mainly at 1-year contracts with fixed tariffs, then you’ll likely profit from lower tariffs and an attractive welcome-bonus.