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Privacy policy

At Pricewise you can make a personal market comparison for energy and apply for a contract with the supplier.

On our website you can also compare and apply for (among other things) internet and TV, car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, legal assistance insurance, travel insurance, van insurance, sim only, or a loan. Unfortunately these services on the website are only in Dutch.

When you visit our website and/or use our services we ask for some of your personal data and information about your current situation. Your privacy is of great importance to Pricewise. This means that your personal data is always handled with care. We comply with the relevant laws and regulations on privacy, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that we:

  • Clearly specify our purposes before we process personal data, by using this Privacy Statement;
  • Limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data needed for legitimate purposes;
  • First ask for explicit permission to process your personal data in cases where your permission is required;
  • Take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and we demand the same from parties who process personal data on our behalf;
  • Respect your right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data processed by us.

In this privacy statement, we will explain which personal data we collect and for which purpose.

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We use cookies to collect and combine your data. More information about our cookies can be found in our Cookie Policy.

What personal data do we process?

We process normal personal data when making a comparison or requesting a product from the provider. This includes name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, energy consumption, vehicle registration number and kilometers driven.

It depends on the product whether we need additional personal data. We only collect personal data that is necessary for the execution of our services and/or are required by law.

When making an application, we may also process sensitive personal data or personal data relating to criminal convictions. By this we mean among other things:

  • Bank details: to process your request.
  • Financial data: for applying for a loan.
  • BSN: we only process this on the instructions of a health insurer when applying for health insurance or in the case of a loan.
  • Personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences: some insurers need this personal data for contracts.
Job applicants

If you apply for a job with Pricewise, we will only use your personal data for processing your application. The basis for processing your personal data is performance of a contract.

Pricewise will retain applicant data for up to four weeks after the application process has been completed unless the applicant has given permission for the data to be retained in our talent pool for up to one year after the application process had been completed. If you have any questions about this processing, please contact us via the contact details at the bottom of the pages.

Why do we process personal data?

Processing your personal data is necessary for various purposes. Our main purpose is to make a comparison and conclude a contract. We also help you with which products or services are suitable for your situation and provide the service of your choice.

In addition, we find it important to be able to keep in touch with you and inform about products and services or to ask you about your opinion about the services.

Legal grounds to process your personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows us to process personal data, so long as we have a ground under the law to do so. In accordance to the GDPR we’ll rely on one of the following processing conditions:

  • Your consent: in some cases, we'll ask you for specific permission to process some of your personal data. We will only process your personal data in the way you’ve agreed with. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting;
  • Performance of a contract: this is when the processing of your personal information is necessary in order to perform our obligations under a contract, or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract;
  • Legal obligation: this is when we are required by law to process your personal data, such as keeping records for tax purposes or providing information to a public body or law enforcement agency;
  • Legitimate interests: we could process your personal data where it is in our legitimate interest in running a lawful business to do so in order to further that business, so long as it doesn’t outweigh your interests.

How long do we retain personal data?

We will retain your data for as long as we need it for the specific purpose. For example, to provide the service or if it is required by law. After the service has been provided, we will remove or anonymize your personal data, so the data is no longer traceable to you.

Newsletter and other e-mail communication

We abide by the rules of the Telecommunicatiewet. We can e-mail you in the following situations:

  • Contact form: if you fill in a contact form with us, we will use these details to answer your question.
  • Application confirmation: if you have made an application with Pricewise, you will receive a reminder of the expiring contract with the provider.
  • E-mail with personal results overview: via our website it is possible to receive an overview of your personal comparison for later reference.
  • Newsletter: if you register with us, you will receive the Pricewise newsletter up to once a month.
  • Personal offers: only if you have given us permission to do so, we will offer you personalized offers. We will combine the personal data from your request, for example your e-mail address and the product you requested previously. This prevents you from receiving offers which are less interesting to you.
  • If you are subscribed to specific alerts and/or savings tips, we will send you messages with the relevant information and offers.

For analysis purposes, we register the opening and clicking behavior in our e-mail communication.

It is possible at any time to unsubscribe from the e-mail communication by clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each e-mail if you do want your personal data used for mail communication and/or marketing purpose. You can also send us a message using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Social media

Our website includes buttons to promote or share pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Pinterest. These buttons are realized by a code that is provided by these companies and will activate when you click on them. Read the privacy statements of these companies (which can change regularly) to see what they do with your personal data that they process with this code.

Pricewise uses your e-mail address to be able to show you targeted ads on Facebook. Pricewise will upload your e-mail address in hashed form to Facebook, using a so-called advertising tool. A hashed e-mail address is a code that Pricewise sends to Facebook, so that Facebook can identify you as a customer without having your e-mail address at its disposal. When Pricewise has uploaded your hashed email address, Facebook ensures that you will see the advertisements relevant to you. The group of customers we've uploaded in Facebook, can then be linked by us to a specific Facebook campaign: only these Facebook users will see the campaign. Read more about this on the Facebook website.


Via our website, it is possible to participate in various promotions. In order to offer of these promotions we sometimes cooperate with external parties. If necessary, we send your personal data to these parties solely for the purpose of carrying out the promotion. Participation in promotions is voluntary and it is always possible to unsubscribe.


You can contact us in various ways:

  • By telephone: if you contact our customer service, we could make notes of the agreements made in your personal file, only if you are a Pricewise customer.
  • Letters and e-mails: at all times we will answer the questions we receive via letters or e-mail.
  • Social media: we will always answer your questions via the same channel as they were asked.

Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers. Therefore, we ask you to give us a rating. We only use this information for measuring customer satisfaction.


On the Pricewise website it's possible to create a MyPricewise account. In order to create the account, we will process your e-mail address. With this account you can enter your personal online Pricewise portal. In this portal it is possible to complete your personal details and view your comparisons and applications.

Sharing of personal data

In almost all cases, we obtain personal data directly from you. In some cases, we share this personal data with other parties for the purpose of processing your request. We have made agreements with all these parties about the processing of personal data.

  • We share your data with technical service providers who assist us in processing your request.
  • We work together with Voogd & Voogd. Voogd acts as an authorized party. This means that they perform various activities on behalf of the insurer, which the insurer usually performs itself. Think of the care of the policy administration, collecting the premium and handling the claims.
  • We share your data with parties who help us combat fraud.
  • We receive data from marketing agency Leadlabel to help us set up marketing campaigns around buying and selling homes.
  • ​We share your data with parties who help us retrieve premium calculations and policy conditions.


The security of personal data is very important to us. We make sure that your data is well protected by us. We constantly adjust the security and pay attention to the possible risks. We take appropriate security measures for this. Employees of Pricewise and third parties who have access to personal data on behalf of Pricewise, are obliged to secrecy of the personal data. If you have any questions about our security policy, please contact us using the contact details below.

Changes to our privacy statement

Changes to our privacy statement may occur when something changes in the laws and regulations, or if we develop new products or services. You will always find the latest version on our website. This latest version is from 9 November 2021.

Your Rights

If you have any questions or want to know what personal data we have of you, you can always contact us. See the Pricewise contact details below. You have the following rights:

  • Get an explanation of what personal data we have and how we process the data;
  • To see the exact personal data we have about you;
  • To have errors corrected;
  • Remove outdated personal data;
  • Withdraw consent;
  • Object to a certain use;
  • Have all personal data deleted (right to be forgotten).

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please send your request by e-mail to or via the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Question or complaint

If you have a question or complaint about privacy at Pricewise, you can contact us at You can also contact the Data Protection Officer of Pricewise at this e-mail address.

If you think that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. This is called the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

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