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Pricewise: Europe's largest energy switching service

Pricewise is the largest energy comparison website in the Netherlands and the largest energy switching service in Europe. More than 2,5 million consumers switched through the energy collective campaigns.

Pricewise is the largest website in The Netherlands for comparing energy and switching energy supplier. But did you also know that consumers all over Europe have benefited from sharply-priced high-quality energy deals negotiated by Pricewise?

European switchers

How it works

  1. Pricewise supports its local partners in encouraging consumers to unite in large energy collectives. Pricewise does so by offering vital digital registration infrastructure. Among its local partners are national consumer organizations, media trusts and public administrative bodies in the Netherlands and in many other European countries.
  2. On behalf of all registered consumers, Pricewise and its partners negotiate with energy suppliers for good quality energy contracts.
  3. After the negotiations Pricewise and its partners offer all registered consumers an exclusive deal to switch supplier and save money.

Towards a more efficient energy sector

In 2014 Pricewise organized switching campaigns in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Austria. Every campaign is unique due to cultural differences and particular market circumstances. With every campaign, Pricewise is bringing a significant contribution towards more efficient energy sectors by:

  • challenging national switching systems to become more effective;
  • increasing the transparency of energy sectors;
  • stimulating competition between suppliers;
  • improving consumer contract terms and conditions;
  • educating consumers about the benefits of switching.

All this leads to lower tariffs and better products for consumers.

Facts and figures

2013: facts and figures
CountryRegistrationsSwitched electricitySwitched gasSaving
The Netherlands (1)83.00023.00022.000€ 412,-
The Netherlands (2)110.00022.50021.000€ 372,-
Belgium137.95032.99520.000€ 250,-
France142.500-72.000€ 190,-
Italy171.22840.00026.000€ 220,-
Portugal587.00052.500-€ 20,-
Spain478.75027.000-€ 51,-
2014: facts and figures
CountryRegistrationsSwitched electricitySwitched gasSaving
The Netherlands (1)65.0009.6009.300€ 159,-
The Netherlands (2)53.7007.6007.200€ 182,-
The Netherlands (3)75.00012.60012.100€ 271,-
The Netherlands (4)126.70028.70028.700€ 343,-
Belgium (1)69.80014.60011.800€ 260,-
Belgium (2)95.50019.00015.000€ 251,-
Flanders (Belgium)84.00031.40022.200€ 209,-
France174.200-60.300€ 190,-
Italy94.00011.7007.600€ 205,-
Austria260.60072.00034.000€ 269,-
Spain117.70010.5004.400€ 40,-
2015: facts and figures
CountryRegistrationsSwitched electricitySwitched gasSaving
The Netherlands (1)82.99218.35017.983€ 352,-
The Netherlands (2)47.7048.5628.391€ 376,-
The Netherlands (3)65.11515.71415.400€ 362,-
The Netherlands (4)120.02237.21536.471€ 469,-
Belgium (1)66.58332.40124.813€ 314
Belgium (2)71.01440.27533.638€ 212,-
Austria45.11915.3377.274€ 441,-
Czech79.27319.22713.490€ 440,-
2016: facts and figures
The Netherlands (1)57.60411.198€ 398-
The Netherlands (2)40.0369.656€ 334,-
The Netherlands (3)64.77625.262€ 397,-
The Netherlands (4)99.99533.679€ 344,-
Belgium (1)66.20233.783€ 314,-
Belgium (2)71.08641.979€ 314,-
Austria45.06116.035€ 306,-
Czech79.98023.171€ 470,-
2017: facts and figures
The Netherlands (1)62.58117.234€ 265-
The Netherlands (2)45.78313.535€ 330,-
The Netherlands (3)41.2567.642€ 201,-
The Netherlands (4)61.84915.380€ 213,-
Belgium (1)69.05035.673€ 323,-
Belgium (2)78.26646.409€ 323,-
Austria52.30920.662€ 460,-
Czech55.4537.756€ 191,-
Slovenia26.10414.938€ 211,-

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